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We are the team of the dental specialists, who had many years of experience in each field of dentistry. We provide wide range of dental services from preventive to all area of dental treatments. Assuring that you’re the one that we care, we always spend time talking to you and giving you the information. Also, your safety is our priority, the standard sterilization, the digital dental x-ray machines are used both for the intra-oral and orthopan. This can reduce the exposure time to ¼ of normal x-ray machines. Using the latest high technology and fully equipped in 6 treatment rooms, can make the appointment suit your convenience.

More importantly, the moral integrity is what we concern, even though we are the private clinic in Bangkok.

We are considered as the international dental centre since we’re just opened, but about 80% of our patients are the international patients. However, we offer standard professional fee always.

With modern decoration, chic and stylish design, you can feel the relaxing and joyful atmosphere. This also can help reduce dental anxiety. Our friendly services,and bright setting endeavors your visit a wonderful and pleasant one. If you come in before your appointment time, you can relax at our lobby area, enjoy varieties of drinks such as mineral water and green tea.

Philosophy and Concepts


  • Making your dental visit a pleasurable experience.

Mission (Goal)

  • Provide the highest quality dental care at all times.


  • Using high technology to give comfort and complete dental service.
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